What is the Best Time to Post to Social Media [Infographic] Plus What Times to Avoid

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social media posting times

Well that's a question we all would like to know... especially if you are time poor. Knowing what are the optimal times for your chosen social media platform can at least allow you to concentrate your efforts to when you are going to get maximum engagement.


That said these times are just a guide and of course will vary depending on the niche market you are aiming your posts at. I would always advise testing and tracking your results and then adjusting if necessary.

​Discover below in the infographic the best and worst times to post on the major social networks... Thanks to the guys over at Social Caffeine for the original resource...

Here are my top two sites I use in detail...

Facebook​ - Peak Time Wednesday at 3pm 

Best time 1pm - 4pm ​

Worst time 8pm -8am​

Twitter -​ Peak Time Monday - Thursday

Best time 1pm - 3pm

Worst time 8pm - 9am​

Discover the best time to tweet 

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social media posting times

Let's hear your thoughts about whether these stack up in your niche .... be sure to tell us below in the comments. 

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One Response to What is the Best Time to Post to Social Media [Infographic] Plus What Times to Avoid

  1. Leo Petrik says:

    Do these times cover both northern and southern hemisphere time zones, if not which one is reflected here and would it be worth while using the appropriate time zones for your different markets.

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