Using Events To Create A Buzz For Your Brand

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Using seasonal, sporting or other niche events is a great way to get your brand noticed. Halloween, Christmas or maybe just the summer holidays can be a fantastic reason for a marketing campaign... Here's how you can incorporate these ideas with your social media...


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Now as we know each niche will be totally different so choose wisely as promoting every single event could have an adverse effect.

​Here's just a few ideas that you could use to get noticed 

Changing header banners in Twitter and Facebook .

Creating specific images for Pinterest and Instagram, as you can see from the image below this has been repinned 1357 times and the beauty of this type of evergreen marketing it can be resused again with maybe a few small tweeks.

Creating videos that can be shared across ​all your social media and get you more views on your YouTube channel too... 

Use events to get your brand noticed #eventmarketing #smtips

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Check out the video below​ from David Walsh 

Some more include :-

Writing blogs and articles around events can be very effected.

Competitions and giveaways always work too.

Like I said previously pick wisely which event and what you are going promote way in advance so you can get everything sorted without it looking like it was just a quick, thrown together last minute thing.

Look at your competition, see what they have done previously, did it work ? If so look at doing something similar it may work for you too. Also have a strategy, what do you want to achieve from it, brand awareness... leads, sales. Having no strategy will probably mean failure.​

Let us know what has worked for you in the past, plus any other ideas that you have seen used by other people ​

Get free online marketing training, a free website and free tools. In fact all you need to succeed online

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