Social Media Etiquette Guide For Businesses

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Social media etiquette

These days there is an etiquette for most things, whether you are dining out, chatting on the phone and even an etiquette for doing business. So how's your social media etiquette ? Yes there's now a social media that businesses must abide by to maintain a professional presence on social media. 


Below we have put together rules for the most popular social media sites, so you can stay within the guidelines for your business. Whether you are adding people to the conversation on GPlus or making sure your links are in order on Pinterest you will have a happy following .


Rule One :- It's okay to post updates several times a day but make sure they are spaced out throughout the day.

Rule 2 :- Respond to ALL comments, the good , the bad and the ugly.

Rule 3 :- Know the art of the hashtag. 1 hashtag is fine 10 hashtags are NOT.

Rule 4 :- Always keep the 80/20 rule ! Entertain and inform your audience first and sell to them second.

Rule 5 :- Do not post on other peoples business page asking them to like your page.

Rule 6 :- Use second person chat when talking about your own brand. 

Rule 7 :- Only ask people to like your status if you are doing a poll.

Conclusion : Engage with your fans ! Post entertaining content regularly and make them feel welcome on your page.

9 Rules of Facebook etiquette you need to know as a small business 

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Rule 1 :- Twitter is the mothership of hashtags use them well.

Rule 2 :- Respond to all questions and comments as quickly as you can.

Rule 3 :- Don't use all the 140 characters leave enough room for followers to retweet you.

Rule 4 :- Blanket follow backs can get you in trouble. Don't feel you have to follow everyone who is following you. Following too many people in a short period of time can result in the suspension of your account... be warned !

​Rule 5 :- Keep it positive, negative brands lose followers.

Rule 6 :- Avoid sharing too much personal stuff, nobody cares what the CEO had for breakfast.

Rule 7 :- ​Use your logo as your avatar, people want to quickly reference your brand, if you are branding yourself then a picture of you works best.

Conclusion : Twitter is all about quick and easy conversation. Keep your updates short and response time even shorter.

7 rules to obey on Twitter as a small business 

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Google Plus

Rule 1 :- Always +mention users when commenting on their posts

Rule 2 :- Use "hat tips" (H/T) when sharing other peoples posts, everyone likes to be thanked for their work.

Rule 3 :- When sharing a post always add your own commentary first

Rule 4 :- Add your followers to circles so you can share targeted content to the right groups

Rule 5 :- Google Plus is one of the only platforms that allows you to format your posts. Be kind by making them easier to read using bold, and italics.

Conclusion : Google Plus is all about helping engagement. Be sure to share valuable information and include people in the conversation by mentioning them frequently. 

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Rule 1 :- Don't ask people to follow you or use hashtags like #Tagsforlikes it's unprofessional !

Rule 2 :- Don't overgram no one likes their feed filled up by one user.

Rule 3 :- ​Keep your feed clean and avoid selfies, food and your family photos.

Rule 4 :- You get what you give, want people to engage with your photos ? Then do so with theirs.

Rule 5 :- Use hashtags for your brand responsibly. The golden number for hashtags is 11

Rule 6 :- Never repost someone's photo without permission. At the very least post with credit by @mentioning the original poster.

Conclusion : Instagram is all about sharing a story, For businesses that means picking a unique but relevant theme and creating your own high quality photos.


Rule 1 :- Linkedin is a professional set up so keep your updates industry specific.

Rule 2 :- Personalize your connection request, tell them why you want to connect.

Rule 3 :- Once connected send a carefully crafted welcome message. It's a great way to build relationships.

Rule 4 :- Don't send a mass request for endorsements or recommendations.

Rule 5 :- Use groups as a place to contribute information not a place to promote your business.

Rule 6 :- Use first person when updating your status.

Conclusion : Be personable and not personal. Present yourself as an articulate professional in your industry​ and keep the daily life updates for Facebook and Twitter.

pinterest etiquette guide


Rule 1 :- Always link back to the original source

Rule 2 :- Try to pin directly from the source for better accreditation.

Rule 3 :- Do not use low quality images.

Rule 4 :- Do not use images that have nothing to do with the click through content to get more clicks and pins. This is spammer behaviour.

Rule 5 :- Do not just pin for an hour straight use a scheduling tool to spread them out.

Rule 6 :- When requesting to join a board leave a comment @mentioning to introduce yourself to the board creator.

Conclusion : Pinterest is all about curating content but the #1 rule of Pintiquette is making sure your links are in order, whether its your own content or someone elses.

Original source here (infographic)

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  1. Great post! So many forget these etiquette’s on Social Media! Thanks for sharing today martin!

  2. Maks says:

    Totally Matt, glad you liked it

  3. Martin Burt says:

    Thanks Matt .. indeed always pays to recap occasionally too

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