Social Media Cheatsheet for Brands [Infographic]

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Have you ever wondered whether it's time to move to other Social platform with your brand ? Maybe you just want to know that your social marketing strategy is working or even whether a move could get you better results... 


Thanks to the guys at Likable Media who have provided us with a great cheatsheet on the pros and cons for all the major social platforms... 

Let's highlight some of the top issues ​that brands are facing right now... 

On the Pros side ... Facebook fans are 79% more likely to purchase than on other networks...​

Twitter can be used as a very strong ​customers services tool...

On the cons side ... Pinterest not that effective for brands with ecommerce, although the introduction of Buy Now pins this is certainly one to watch in the near future.​

Linkedin unlikely to drive sales unless B2B ​

Hows your #branding holding up on #SocialMedia 

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social media cheatsheet

Original Resource for infographic

What do you think ? Let me know in the comments below .... 

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