How To Record & Share Video On Twitter

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Today on the blog we are sharing a great video showing you how to record , edit and share video in your tweets check it out ...


Follow the instructions below or scroll to the bottom of the article for a video tutorial

Firstly, you will need to log into your Twitter account on your mobile device, so yes this means you go shoot a video on the move which makes video on Twitter even more powerful.

In order to shoot your video, you then need to open a new tweet, or reply to another tweet that someone has tweeted, and you don't even need to be following them either. 

​Once open look for the image icon, this may vary between devices it's normally near the bottom, tap this which then opens up your photos and gives you an option of a video icon, that's the one you need, so tap on that one.

Once open you can choose whether the camera it pointing towards you or away from you, if you take photos with your device already this works in the same way. You can then tap the red icon in the bottom left of the screen, for video.

​You now just hold down the red button to record, to stop recording just lift your finger and it will stop. 

Discover how to record, edit and share videos in tweets ... #videomarketing 

Click to Tweet

​When you have recorded your video you can crop and edit it by moving it around. If you want to delete it click and hold the video and drag it to the centre of the screen.

​When you are fully happy with your video then click done in the top right hand corner. You can then continue to compose your tweet as normal and then tweet it.

​If you prefer a video walk through check out the one below. 

​Watch the full video here

Love to hear your thoughts about using video in tweets, be sure to comment below and leave your Twitter handle so others may follow you

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