Find & Share Great Content to Your Facebook Page in Just 5 Minutes [Video]

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Social Media can be very time consuming so I am always looking at different ways to make creating, finding and posting content to my followers. Whilst searching Youtube the other day I came across this video below...


It's a web based platform for finding relevant content to share to Facebook although you can share to Twitter too... There's a free account so I joined and tested it out.... 

Watch the video below it shows you exactly what it can do...

If you would like to test drive this site and give me your feedback.... you can join now here for FREE

Find relevant content to share on Facebook with this cool tool #facebook 

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In my opinion it doesn't work too well with Twitter but seems okay for Facebook as a free option it works well so for anyone on a budget or just starting out it's  a great tool. 

However, it is a bit limited to other paid sites out there such as Postplanner but see what you think the free account is not limited time wise and it's NOT an affiliate link so I'm not making anything here just showing you what's about so you can go and use it.... You may just love it!


Discover how I attracted over 10,000 new targeted Twitter followers in just over 11 weeks only working about 15 minutes a day .... Find out here 


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