Facebook Marketing Your Best 5 Questions Answered

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Have you got any questions about Facebook ?

Below are the top 5 questions that businesses ask us about Facebook... have a watch of the videos we have done and if you have any more questions feel free to post them in the comments right under the article.

Ok so lets get started ... ​

Question 1

Can I change the name on my Facebook page ?

Question 2

Can I change my Facebook page URL ?

Here's the direct link to the username page http://facebook.com/username be sure to be logged into Facebook to use it ... 

Question 3

Can I see who has liked my page ?

Question 4

Can I send people who like my page a private message ?

Question 5

How can I add a video into the about section on my Facebook page ?

Please leave any comments about this post and also any additional questions you may have... Don't forget to drop by my Facebook Page too and subscribe to my Youtube channel

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