Double Your Facebook Likes In Just 5 Minutes A Day

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If you don't already have your business on Facebook then it's about time to acted now. From your profile just create a Facebook page where you can grow your online community. 


If you are already on Facebook ​check out how you can use simple tactics to increase your followers (likes) in just 5 minutes a day.

Make Connections

Connect with other Facebook pages either in your niche or similar with the same demographic of people following. For example a local ice cream shop, could search out local pizza companies with pages and then arrange to cross promote to each other pages. 

Invite your existing customer base to like your page, add an incentive if need be. These maybe offline customers, your email list or loyalty card holders.

Share Content

Share great content with your fans, so they will share with their friends.

​Catch your fans attention by posting original content and compelling photos that would be appropriate for your audience. In a recent survey photos are the most shared medium with 43% of people surveyed saying that they do just that. Photos are also more likely to be seen by your followers too.

​Post frequently, your fans will get use to looking out for your content if it's newsworthy and relevant. Be inconsistent and they will flee never to return. 

Did you know ?

49% of social media users share content that allows them to inform others about what they care about, change opinions and encourage action.

68% of users share content that enables their friends to have a better understanding ​of what they care about and who they are.

84% of users share content that allows them to show what causes ​they are passionate about. There is a image below showing the support for Cancer Research in the UK the post has been shared 1649 times enabling the post to be seen a massive 28,585 times

Be Active !

Comment on similar pages in your niche where your target market is also likely to be hanging out.

Start by liking their page and hitting the get notifications on the like button. The page will then come up in your notifications and you can react and add your comments to posts. Use this tactic to build relationships but remember to tread lightly and to not upset the page owners.

Share and tag your business page from your Facebook profile.

If you host live events encourage participants to share images ​or tag themselves in your images.

Offer discounts and special prices just for your followers on Facebook.​

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Link To Twitter

Remember :- Twitter is a totally different platform and you will need to be active on there too for this to be hugely effective. 

By linking, everything that is posted on your Facebook page will also go out as a tweet to your followers on Twitter. Facebook will shorten automatically to 140 characters so if you posting a link be sure to add it in your description before the 140 limit.

Host A Contest​

Hosting a contest on Facebook it's free but can be very cost effective with a high ROI. 

Use contests , to get more likes, shares and comments on your page. The most popular categories for prizes are Travels, Entertainment, Music, Technology and Fashion.

​When running contests research has show the best duration is between 25- 60 days. 

Coke using Facebook and the popularity of selfies to gain more exposure plus make even more sales by people buying the 500ml bottles to find the code. Great marketing, and also a great way for you to get similar ideas for your business too...

Use Advertising To Your Advantage

​Don't be frightened to use Facebook ads as these can very quickly build your likes and your target audience, but remember these when doing so.... 

Sponsored like stories allow you to advertise to friends of your existing followers.

Your can target your existing customers by adding a custom audience, this could be an email list you have built already.

Facebook demographics allow you to choose your target audience and not just the people who like your page.

And lastly always split test your ads and adjust according to make sure you are getting the best ROI.​

Promote, Promote and Promote...

Promote your Facebook page, if you have an offline premises put up stickers in the window or on the counter.

Add your Facebook link to all your advertising, newspapers, magazines, leaflets and even TV.

If you do events then hand out flyers with a link back to like your page. Business cards, Email signatures, Marketing materials and not forgetting good old word of mouth ideal for networking events or even just down the pub.

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