Dominate Pinterest With These 26 Tips

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​What is Pinterest !

Pinterest is a free website that requires registration to use. Users can upload, save, sort, and manage images—known as pins—and other media content (e.g., videos and images) through collections known as pinboards. Pinterest acts as a personalized media platform. Users can browse the content of others on the main page.

Setting Up Your Account

Register as a Business, or change from a personal account to a Business one, you can check under the edit profile which account you have. 

Choose Username using niche or brand related keywords, so others searching these terms your account will feature... 

Install the Pinterest browser extension. This makes it super quick to save and post images you find while surfing the web.

Create a keyword rich about you area, also remember this is another great place to put your website url although this isn't clickable people will see it. Don't forget either this can be edited so test different keywords see if certain ones work better than others. 

Promoted Pins ! That's right Pinterest is rolling out promoted pins very shortly and you can apply now to get priority access. This will enable you to reach even more people on Pinterest... But ! it's only going to be available to US users to begin with, so the rest of us will have to wait our turn. 

Rich Pins... If you are not technically minded then this maybe one to leave for now ... or get your web developer to help ... To find out more about Rich Pins check out this link

Creating Boards

Keep your board titles short and to the point, and use relevant keywords for your particular niche.

​Add a board description, and category and then choose if you would like the board to be "secret" or not.

Create at least 5 boards with a few images on each, this will give your account a professional look and you will get more followers and repins.

​Here is an idea of what a "good" account and a "not so good" account looks like. Which one would you prefer to follow ?

Arrange your boards around a theme or colour scheme on the grid.

Create a few boards with a broad range in interesting topics, here is some suggestions...​

  • How to .... 
  • Tutorials
  • Tips
  • Your services
  • Customers Portfolio
  • Places to visit
  • Products we love 

Adding Pins

Pin from various different sites 

Repin images that have had loads of repins previously

Upload your own pins directly to your boards

​Gain More Traffic 

​Invite followers from other Social platforms

Follow friends already on Pinterest ​from Facebook, Twitter and other social sites

Follow other pinners as well as individual boards too

Be social .... Like and comment on pins, share to Facebook and tweet them out ​

Pins more images to boards that have most followers

Track which day is best for interaction

Add a "PIN IT " button on your website .... making it simple for visitors to share

Create a group board ​and invite others to post too 

Add a Pinterest tab on your Facebook page ​this can be easily done via simple Facebook apps 

Thank repinners by commenting on the image they repinned be sure to follow at least one of their boards too that way they are more likely to repin more. ​

Track your traffic ... Use Google analytics and also check your Pinterest analytics regularly too

But best tip of all is the enjoy yourself using Pinterest is a great way to make new friends and acquire new business customers. 

Share the love and repin this article and start building your pinterest account​

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