8 Social Media Marketing Mistakes To Avoid [Infographic]

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social media marketing mistakes

Social Media has become so powerful in recent years for small businesses and entrepreneurs alike you just have to be using it for your business marketing. But before you do, check out these 8 mistakes that you definitely want to avoid so you are able to make the most from your marketing efforts.


Mistake # 1

​Having NO social media strategy at all...

Mistake # 2

Creating accounts on too many platforms too soon...

Mistake # 3

Paying for fake followers...

Mistake # 4

Talking too much about the brand and the brand alone...

Mistake # 5 

Using irrelevant and excessive hashtags

Mistake # 6

Sharing too many in a short amount of time...

Mistake # 7

Forgetting to proof read...

Mistake # 8 

Neglecting the SOCIAL aspect of social media...

For more information view the infographic below :-

social media marketing mistakes

Resource for infographic

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