7 Ways to Boost Business from Your Facebook Page

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Facebook still remains at the top of the Social Media pyramid, and for small businesses, Facebook is not only an engagement platform, but a massive marketing opportunity. 

Do you have a Facebook page ?

If you do, are you utilizing it to the full potential that you could be.  Probably not most businesses either, don't understand the power of Social Media, ​or have no idea how to benefit from it. 

With Facebook becoming very restrictive to who sees your pages feed, just posting updates will probably not get you the desired results.  With this in mind let's run through 7 ways you can get more business from your Facebook page. 

1. Keep Your Header Fresh & Engaging​

Your header is your shop window, by having an engaging header your visitors will be drawn to what you have to say, make it stand out by using bold colour and also brand images. Remember too that when you post as your page people will see the header in the preview so if it catches the eye you are more likely to get more likes and followers. 

Another great reason to do this is because when you update your cover image (header) everyone who has liked your page will get a notification so if you are not getting much interaction on your page this is a great way to re-engage .

​Kim Garst at Boom Social changes her header frequently and uses it to promote free offers, blog posts and even her new book recently. 

2. Call Your Followers To Action

Facebook have recently introduced a call to action button which sits inside your header just next to the like button. 

​When this first appeared it was a bold move from Facebook as this feature was going to pull people away from the Facebook platform. But, I have to say it doesn't seem to have effected them at all. 

​Setting your call to action is easy click on the button and a dropdown will appear, choose set call to action.

You then get taken to another page where you can select which button you would like to show up. Then you can add you link so that when someone clicks the button it takes them directly to the link... This can be any link you like to your website, a sales page an affiliate offer.

3. Post Images

Images are a great way to get engagement with your followers. Be sure to post images on a regular basis, you can use sites like Canva to create great images, also sites such as Instagram and Pinterest are both based on images and great for sharing.

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4. Add A Video & A Link In Your About You Section

Making full use of the about section is a must, but sometimes overlooked.... make sure you add relevant keywords with your description and add in your website too or a link to a sales page, optin page or most recent blog post. 

You can now also add in a video to appear above your description in the about section on the left hand side on your Facebook page ​

5. Run Facebook Ads Campaigns

Running Facebook ad campaigns to either boost your reach, get likes for your page or even clicks through to a website or sales pages is now common practice amongst these days  with even small businesses getting in on the act. 

Setting up ads and campaigns is fairly straight forward, the only bit of advice I will offer on this is test test test ! 

​Running Facebook ad campaigns from within your Facebook pages enables you to have ads in the news feed as well the right hand column again test which works better and adjust accordingly. 

​6. Market Research Your Page

Asking your followers about new products, existing products or even what they would like to see as your next product is a great way to do market research at the fraction of the cost pre Facebook. 

Kit Kat have utilized this to full advantage ​with great results. 

​Even if you are not quite as big as Nestle there is absolutely no reason why you can't take full advantage of this very cheap way to do some market research for your business.

7. Share Your Opinion As Your Facebook Page

If you have ever visited and read others blogs and websites there is nearly always a place to leave valuable comments and feedback. If the site has a Facebook comments feature at the end of their article, this is your time to spring in to action. Not only can you leave great feedback and comments but you can do so as your page and not your profile. 

This can then prompt people who liked your comment to also like your page. ​

In Conclusion

I think most people have known that Facebook pages are powerful marketing machines, but only if used correctly. Implement some or all of these tactics and come back and leave us your feedback in the comments below . 

Maybe you have been using something different that is working for you ... We would love to hear about it ! Remember sharing is caring 🙂

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