7 Marketing Tips To Drive Traffic and Sales Using Facebook Pages

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In this post and accompanying video we give you some great marketing tips that you can use to drive traffic and sales using a Facebook page...


​Firstly, before we dive into these great tips, a shout out to Jonathan Leger for the use of his video which although was published nearly a year ago still remains current in the world of Facebook marketing today. 

​Be Knowledgable 

​Now you don't have to be an expert, but having a certain knowledge and passion for the niche is really going to help when you are operating a Facebook page. 

​Stay Active

​Being active, is essential to a great Facebook page. Post at least once a day maybe more depending on the niche, also test the best times to post so you can get the most engagement with your audience. The idea of your posts is gain interaction by getting people sharing, like and commenting as much as possible. 

Discover 7 #Marketing Tips for more #traffic and sales from your Facebook page 

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​Images & Videos

Both ​Images and videos are a proven way to gain more interaction and also gain a better reach to your fans. As we know Facebook only shows a low percentage of your fans your posts, so posting relevant images and videos is certainly a way to maximize your reach. Be sure to give attribution to the creator of the image and or video this should help you avoid any copyright issues. 

​Promotional Posts

​Don't forget to add in some promotional posts too, after all the reason to having a Facebook page for your business is to gain leads and make sales. You can do this in two ways the subtle way is to send people to your website / blog where you can then have links to products. The other is more direct by promoting products directly on the your page. Both ways are fine again test and tweek which works best but either way make sure to the text of the post have a strong call to call so the reader knows what you want them to do. 

For more about Facebook Marketing go here

Use Facebook Insights

​Facebook insights are a great tool but so often overlooked, they give you such a lot of data regarding the people that are following your page... Some of the valuable information includes, recent likes, post engagement, post reach, plus you can compare your page to others in your niche too.

​Promoted Posts

​If you get a post that has performed well, with likes , comments and shares don't be afraid to then promote this post through the Facebook ads, you can set yourself a budget for this, but you will probably see the results will be well worth doing. You can do as little as $5 so I suggest start small and look at your results, then increase if necessary.


​Lastly, every so often go through your posts and click on who has liked your post, if the post has been shared, liked and commented on then you may well find people that have liked the post but haven't actually liked the page, you can then invite them to like the page right there and then. 

​For a more complete overview watch the video below ... 

Love to have your comments too be sure to leave them in the area below ....

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