5 Tips for Periscope

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periscope tips

Periscope is fast becoming yet another great tool that you can use for both business and personal use. If you have not yet heard of Periscope and maybe wonder what it even is, well check the latest post to find out...


Periscope is a live video streaming app that is linked to Twitter, as you already know video is very powerful when it comes to online marketing with Periscope you can add another dimension. 

Check out our video review of Periscope here ​https://martinburtonline.com/video-overview-of-twitters-live-video-streaming-app-periscope/

Keep this list handy and you'll be a pro scoper in no time...

Tip 1

Put your phone on "Do not disturb" before you start the broadcast. Incoming calls can mess up your broadcast.

Tip 2 ​

Put "Follow Me on Periscope@______ " on all of your bios on your other social media channels. Create IFTTT recipes from Google calender to auto tweet your scopes 15 minutes in advance.

​Tip 3

​Use hashtags in your title. The hashtags will drive people to your broadcast. If relevant, use hashtags that are trending on Twitter, and of course on that are relevant to your scope. No more than two hashtags.

5 Tips for Periscope #videomarketing #periscope

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​Tip 4

Save your scope... Make sure you have your settings set to save your scope. You can repurpose these by uploading to Youtube or Facebook.

​Tip 5

As soon as broadcast begins, start talking ... You can save the meat of your broadcast for a little later, but don't wait for the room to fill up to talk. Start straight away.

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Are you using Periscope ? Let us know what results you are getting plus any tips you have ...

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