37 Ways To Thrive On Linkedin

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Linkedin is the largest social media platform designed for businesses, whether you do business with other business or the end user having a presence on Linkedin is a must. In this article we go through 37 ways you can thrive on Linkedin.


Below is an infographic with a detailed breakdown of all 37 ways to thrive on Linkedin, but let's start with a brief overview of the areas you need to be focusing on to succeed on Linkedin

The first section ​we are going to cover is...

​Your Linkedin Profile

This is by far and away the most important part of being successful on Linkedin, and how many times I see people disregard this. 

This is your shop window to the world of Linkedin get this wrong and you might as well not bother. The basics are simple make your profile as professional as possible, include a great profile image and use keywords where ever possible to help you get found on Linkedin and in the search engines.​

Linkedin Groups

Linkedin groups are a great way to firstly meet liked minded business owners that share something in common, and secondly gives you the chance to share great content to others that may be interested.

​Linkedin Answers

Use Linkedin answers, to ask questions and of course answer others questions too. Easiest way is to search questions within your industry and go from there. (Update :- Linkedin Answers is currently not available)

​Connecting With Your Connections

You can of course do this is in various ways. By inviting others to connect, writing recommendations, sending messages. Remember always respond to messages in a professional and timely manner.

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​Promote Your Company

Ensure your company has a separate company page on Linkedin, you can then add products, get reviews and even post jobs.

​Grow Your Connections

Be proactive in growing your connections, invite others to connect and people will invite you. Add in your email address book you never know who is lurking on Linkedin Business contacts, suppliers and even co-workers are always a great way to build your account.

Original source of infographic 

Original source of infographic 

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​Be sure to leave us your comments below, what is working best for you on Linkedin currently

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