3 Reasons I Use Thrive Content Builder Rather Than Optimized Press or Leadpages

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Now there are lead capture page creation sites popping up on the internet almost every month, I done a quick search on Google for “Lead capture page creation tool” and below are the results...


UPDATE :- Thrive Content Builder now Thrive Architect

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Wow! 2.1 million search results... it's no wonder you have a hard time deciding ! If you are just starting out online and are looking to choose one for your business it must be a nightmare knowing where to start.

I had a very similar experience looking at sites a few years back. Then the choice was smaller with such sites as Leadpages, Optimised Press, Infusionsoft and Intsabuilder being the most well known.

So of course I tried them all....

All these products are good and will support your business and give you the ability to build your list, which of course you need to be doing every single day.

But, I don’t use any of these now since I have found
Thrive Content Builder and here's the reasons why...!

Before I do that... let’s just tell you that Thrive Content Builder is a paid WordPress plugin so you will need to have a WordPress platform to place the plugin into and some cash to invest...

Okay, so let’s dive into the 3 reasons why I use Thrive for all my pages...

Get free online marketing training, a free website and free tools. In fact all you need to succeed online

1. Fully Customisable Templates

Thrive has a huge amount of choice when it comes to templates.

In fact there are so many they have recently introduced a filter so you quickly see what templates are available for different page types. They even have the Thrive template cloud which holds even more that you can download and use.

thrive content builder

Once you have chosen your template you can then start to customize it with your own content for your offer, everything on the template can be changed including the colors. Just click on the element and add your changes it’s really simple. You can even add in additional features to make it totally unique.

thrive content builder

These changes can be done in just minutes and you can have your page live ready to work for you...

3 Reasons to use #ThriveContentBuilder to build your lead capture pages... #leadgeneration 

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2. Content Elements

thirve content builder elements iamge

Thrive currently have 37 different content elements that you can add into both pages and even your blog posts, making it in my opinion the most versatile page builder on the market.

Even if you have no skills at building webpages, Thrive Content Builder allows you to become an expert in just a few minutes, creating pages that look like they were designed by an seasoned web developer and cost you $1000’s.

Some elements have various options which you can choose by clicking on the arrow and selecting or dragging the element onto your page.

If you want to delete an element just hit to cross in the top right hand corner.

You can even save custom pages as a template ​so you can duplicate really easily, this is great for split testing on your lead capture pages.

3. Support

Since I have been using and following Thrive they continue to amaze me with the level of support they deliver, whether through general updates and information on the blog, on the forum and their support desk.

They listen to what their customers are saying and if they can, produce an update (which are free) to solve the latest issue. I have seen loads of new templates and content elements added and I’m sure Shane and the team at Thrive will continue to enhance what is already a superior product.

thrive archtiect

Wrapping Up

In conclusion there are 100’s of products out there on the internet, some better than others I’m not here to rubbish any individual product, this has just been my experience of what I have used and found to be the best for me. I am sure you may have your favourite too and that’s totally cool.

If you want to take a closer look at Thrive Content Builder I’m sure you will find it exceptional too.


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Get free online marketing training, a free website and free tools. In fact all you need to succeed online

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