3 Proven Strategies to Get More Views on Your YouTube Channel

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YouTube is the largest video site in the world. Video is fast becoming a must have tool for marketing these days, and having videos on blogs, websites and sales pages. If you are looking to get more interaction, views and subscribers on your channel then added these strategies will certainly help...


Now there are many ways to market with video and I'm sure we will cover these in other posts, but today's post is all about how to stand out and get more views on YouTube. These will also help you in any marketing campaign too as more views could mean more business.  

1. Header

Utilizing your Youtube header by customizing it with your brand is a great way to enhance trust with your viewers. If people like and trust you they will do business with you. 

As well as a header that stands out be sure to also link up the your website and other social media accounts this will help people connect via other platforms as Youtube may not be their preferred choice.

3 Proven Strategies to Get More Views on Your YouTube Channel #youtube #videomarketing

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2. Thumbnails

Adding a custom thumbnail to your videos is really easy to do. You can even add these thumbnails to existing videos with a couple of clicksof the mouse.

So why add these...

2 reasons, the first, it gives you a clean and professional look and gives a great first expression. People know if you bothered to add a custom thumbnail, then the content will normally top quality too and well worth watching.

The second advantage is when people are searching for a topic either directly in Youtube or even in Google your video thumbnail will stand out from the crowd and people are more likely to be drawn towards it.

3. End Slate

Now you have probably seen end slates before these are a fantastic way of increasing views, subscribers and even sales.

It works in a similar way to a call to action, and is placed at the end of the video once the video has delivered the content to the viewer. It enables you to add in links to other videos that your viewer may find interesting, plus you can ask viewers to subscribe, like and even share your video.

End slates are a little harder to produce but if done correctly can create a boost in views and engagement on your Youtube channel.

I am not very creative, how can I create these graphics ?

There's a couple of ways to get graphics like these one is to hire a graphics designer, this will cost you every time you upload a new video.

The other way is find a product that you can use to create these...

UTube Graphics Toolkit can help you create Youtube graphics, fast and easily without any design skills needed. Check out the video below for more information...

Watch Video Now !

Lets have your thoughts ... do you use Youtube ? What results are you getting right now ? Leave your comments below.

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