3 Landing Pages You Need For Your Business To Generate More Leads and Sales

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Businesses only survive if they are able to generate new leads and sales easily. In the following article and video we explain how you can do this very quickly and easy. 


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Check out the video below to discover what 3 pages you need....

Here are a list of the 3 landing pages you need on your website to generate more leads and sales.

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1. Lead Generation Page

This page is ideal for giving a free gift away to your followers, in return for their name and email details sometimes even an address can be gathered too depending on what you are giving away. 

The free gift can be a report, cheatsheet, video tutorial, a chapter of your new book either way it should be something that solves a problem they might have and can be consumed quite quickly.

Try to avoid long email or video courses as a free gift...​

2. Thank You Page

This is one that so many people get wrong, your thank you page is something that EVERYONE sees that signs up for your free gift so be sure to utilize it to the maximum. 

You can add a download link to your free gift on this page, but in my experience its better to send them this in your first email to them, use the thank you page to direct them to their inbox to download their free gift. 

Plus use the thank you page to upsell your lead to a low priced offer, or even a high ticket product if they have just bought another product.

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3. Sales Page

If you have your own products to sell then create a dedicated sales page for each product. This can give your potential customer a list of the benefits and features for the product plus some testimonials from others that have already used your product. 

You can then promote this page totally separately via links on social media, forums and even by emailing your existing customers.

3 landing pages you MUST have as a business to generate more LEADS & SALES #leadgeneration

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How Can I Make These Pages ? 

If you have a WordPress based website this can be used by using various plugins such as the Thrive leads, Instabuilder, plus others like Leadpages, Click funnels and Infusionsoft.

If you have an html website, it can be costly to have your web designer to build custom page so I would buy a sub domain and then add WordPress ​and build easily that just to hold your sales page this can easily be linked seamlessly to your old website too. 

thrive archtiect

Having used several of the above mentioned companies I personally would recommend Thrive Leads, as there is no monthly fees and they are really easy to set up with no coding skills required.​ Plus every part of the template can be customised to suit your needs, which no other system allows. Great for branding !

​Let me know in the comments below what your favourite way of creating landing pages is.... 

Get free online marketing training, a free website and free tools. In fact all you need to succeed online

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4 Responses to 3 Landing Pages You Need For Your Business To Generate More Leads and Sales

  1. taylen24 says:

    Nice overview of the basics on getting a landing page up and running, the different types, and even some of the plugins/software available to get started. Curious if you’ve ever heard of Instapage.com or tried it out? We also have a wordpress plugin and offer templates (that fit these three categories and more) with a drag and drop editor for quickly designing and deploying landing pages. From there A/B testing is a breeze for maximizing conversions!

  2. Martin Burt says:

    Apologies for late reply, only heard of Instabuilder which I have used but not Instapage

  3. taylen24 says:

    No problem, thanks for getting back to me! If you’re looking for a good plugin with WP that focuses all attention and details solely on landing pages, you should give Instapage a try! Thanks again for the solid article!

  4. Alexei Zoubov says:

    Dear Martin! Great site!. May I humbly make a suggestion? Your picture on the right side of the header is distorted, either the height should larger or the width smaller. It is easily fixed and as it is, it distracts the visitors with its soppiness, could even affect your following. It did for me until I’ve fixed it – very easy!

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