10 Musts Of Using Instagram For Business

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Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms right now. In this article and infographic you will discover what you can be doing to make the most out of Instagram for your business.


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1. Make Sure You've Created A Business Page Not A Personal Page

Instagram offers two types of pages. Personal pages and business pages. To get all the benefits of a corporate account double check that you've chosen the right option.

2. Decide On A Strong Brand Strategy

Are you using your page to increase brand awareness ? Sell your product ? Gain more fans ? Decide what your main goals are before you post to ensure you deliver a consistent message.

3. Edit Your Share Settings

Enable your pictures to be shared instantly on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest upon posting.

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4. Theme Your Photos To Have A Familiar Look

Whether it's through the same filter or of the same subjects make sure your photos all have a clear and consistent "look" so fans and followers can easily tell them apart from other posters in their feed.​

5. Embed Instagram Photos On Your Blog

Using Instagrams built-in embed code you can share photos from your blog to help traffic from your website to your Instagram​

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6. Post A Sponsored Ad

Sponsored ads allow you to remain in search results for desired keywords longer. They're not publicly available yet ​but should be soon for most business accounts.

7. Incentivize Followers With Exclusive Promo Codes

Offering exclusive promo codes and discounts to your Instagram followers this is an easy way to encourage a follow not just a like.​

8. Regram Pictures Users Have Tagged You In

Sharing picture you've been tagged in will encourage others to post about your brand in hopes you'll do the same for their photos. It's a great way to show fan appreciation and an easy way to get others talking about your company.

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9. Host A Photo Contest

Create a custom hashtag and encourage others to Instagram your company logo as the entry to the contest. Your reach will expand as your fan "followers" are exposed to your brand at no expense to you or your company's time.

10. Show Off Your Employees In Their Enviroment.

Create a trustworthy image that fans can relate to by showcasing who runs your company and how Instagram is above all else visual. So use that to your advantage by showcasing your enviroment and employees.

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Thanks to the guys at Tech Wise for the infographic 

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