10 Habits Of Highly Successful Social Media Marketers [Podcast]

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Check out Social Zoom Factor and their latest podcast all about the habits of highly successful social media marketers some great habits to incorporate into your business today 


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Habit 1 - It's not about YOU !

Build relationships both inside and outside your company...

Habit 2 - Take the lead

Think daily how can I surprise and delight everyone I work with...

Habit 3 - Know the difference between Social Media and Social Business

Social Media is just a platform Social Business is a lot deeper than that...

Habit 4 - Stop, Collaborate and Listen​.

Have integration your best friend...

Habit 5 - Need to know your brand, know your market and know your customer.

This is what separates ​the leader from the wanna-be leader

Use these 10 habits and take control of your #socialmedia #marketing 

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Habit 6 - Know your business inside out.

​You need to know what is going on with your business, take the lead...

Habit 7 - Become a data junkie.

​Provide much value to your business...

Habit 8 - Do not be afraid to shut up and listen.

​Know what your brand, customers and audience wants

Habit 9 - Know how to prioritize your time

​Optimize your time by tracking...

Habit 10 - Knowing content is King , Queen and Joker ​

​Know how to integrate all types of content into your social media 

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