Which Social Platform is Right For You

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Are you utilizing the right platform that suits your business ? Take a quick look through the top six social networks and see which one may just suit you best... 


Facebook is right for you if :- 

You are building a community presence or want to reach as broad a network as possible. 

While it's the most popular platform with a high level of engagement, many users primarily rely on it to connect with friends and family.

More than 70% of adults actively use Facebook.​

Twitter is right for you if :-

​You want to post topic based news or timely insights.

It is popular platform for younger men and women.​

18% of online adults use Twitter.​

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Linkedin is right for you if :-

You are in B2B or another industry or role where you can provide useful insights about seeking business connections etc.

​It is optimal for peer networking and industry specific information.

​22% of online adults actively use Linkedin.

Instagram is right for you if :-​

​You have a visual aspect to your business.

​Engagement on Instagram is 15 times that of Facebook.

​17% of online adults actively use Instagram.

​We have of course just covered four of the main networks here and Youtube and Pinterest are two I will cover very quickly right now.... 

Youtube is right for you if :- ​

Your business has a message that can be conveyed through video.

Youtube is the third largest search engine so even if you don't have a presence of there be sure to remember it when searching for a solution to something.

Pinterest is right for you if :-​

You are selling visual products and services primarily B to C. 

​With the introduction of buy now pins this makes Pinterest even more powerful.

Don't be shy be sure to leave your comments below and share what is your favourite platform and why?

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