Turn Facebook Comments into Sales !

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The online market place is growing every day, and is currently dominated by both Ebay and Amazon.. Amazon.com's net revenue has increased from 6.92 billion in 2004 to 88.99 billion last year in 2014. (stats from here) and with nearly 2 billion of these sales being ebooks it's no wonder that companies are looking at opportunities to help small businesses sell their products across other sites too. 

Many top influencers, experts and authors have become more internet savvy ​by building their email lists through Facebook pages and twitter to get more control. 

But, only a percentage of your followers will join your list, this is where heyocart comes in.... ​

Want to sell direct from Facebook without hassle ?

With this new tool you are able to sell your products when people comment on a post on your Facebook page... how cool is that !

Introducing Heyocart (http://heyocart.com)

So how does it work ?

First use heyocart to feature your digital product that you want to sell. Creating a post is both easy and painless.

Your fans become customers by simply typing "Buy" into the comments box​

Cart does everything from then on, collects the payments, delivers the product and even deposits the revenue straight in your account.​

Here's what others have to say about their experience in using heyocart

You can also use with Facebook ads to reach even further afield, there are no set up costs either so for small businesses and entrepreneurs it's well worth trying heyocart. 

​To set up your first marketing campaign visit heyocart today

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