Top 7 Google+ Marketing Tips

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Google+ is a popular networking service that was launched by Google Inc. in June 2011.It is open for use by all and can be a useful marketing platform for businesses.Here is a highlight of top 7 Google+ marketing tips that can yield positive results.


1. Personalize the URL linking to your G+ page.

Using a vanity URL is a smart move to developing and maintaining online presence. Unlike Facebook and other social media platforms, Google does not provide the capability to create customized URLs. However, several third-party tools will help you achieve this objective. Customized URLs are branded and more user-friendly to your business.

2. Know your audience reach

Consider posting information about your business to members inside a community of your followers.In this way, more people are likely to read your post.

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3. Grow your audience using Google hover cards

Commenting rather than creating original content is the key to grow your audience. Hover cards focus more energy on commenting to public posts by other people. They often appear when one scrolls in other people’s user names in a comment. Hover cards can drive people to your website without the need to post fresh content on a regular basis.

4. Create an awesome mini-bio

Information in your “Employer” field shows up in your hover card. Google+ users use this information to decide whether to circle you or not. Create a complete and alluring bio about your business that will convince more people to follow you.

5. Leverage photos that connect with your target audience

​Include photos with helpful data about your business to your profile. Let your visitors meet with short but reliable factoids about your business. This not only gathers a huge audience for you but also positions you as a thoughtful and reliable leader in your business.

​6. Use Hangouts to communicate to your customers

​There is no key benefit to using hangouts apart from communication. Hangouts make Google+ more powerful in marketing your business over the other social platforms. Invite your customers to hang out with important stakeholders in your business. Through this, they get a chance to talk to someone they would love to meet.

​7. Write often and claim authorship of your content

​Be consistent in posting new content on your Google+ page. However, it is essential to claim your work if you share your content on other blogs and publications. It creates an authoritative impression among your followers. Claiming authorship of content is much easier with a Google+ account. There are more tips to effective Google+ marketing. If used appropriately, they can influence your business positively.

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