How to Create 100% Custom Built Landing Pages with WordPress

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You have heard the term "The money is in the list" well it's true ! If you are looking to create an income online then building your own list is paramount. 


Now list building has various parts to it, for starters you will need to have an autorepsonder there are a range of companies out there but the few I recommend are Get Response, Infushionsoft and the one I use Aweber.

If you don't know what an autorepsonder is then here's a quick explanation...

It is a computer ​software that can generate automatic email responses when someone enters their email address. These can be very simple and or quite complex to set up. You are also able to stay in touch with the people who have allowed their email address to be added by sending manual email broadcasts too.

Once you have your autoresponder you may find this past article helpful too

In todays post though we are going to be talking about landing pages, also know as optin pages or squeeze pages. The best way to build these is via a plugin that canbe added to a wordpress website platform.

Even if you have never used WordPress before I think you will be amazed how fast and easy this is to do.​

Create your own 100% custom landing pages [Video Demo] 

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There are a few different variations such as Optimised Press, Instabuilder and Lead Pages, but the one I want to show you today is from Thrive it's the one I find most easy to use and the results are stunning.

Below is a video demo by Shane from Thrive who shows you just how easy it is to create a custom landing page in a few minutes.​

Watch The Demo Now

Find out more about the Thrive Plugin here ...

If you have any questions regarding thrive please post them in the comments and I will endeavour to answer them. 

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