5 Calls to Action You Need on Your Blog to Increase Conversions & Sales

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Engaging your readers with great content is fantastic but statistics have shown that a high percentage of people will visit a blog / website once and then NEVER return... Leaving you hunting for brand new readers each and every time you post another piece of awesome content. 

But that doesn't have to be the case...

Here are 5 calls to action to can implement on your blog / website today that will not only get readers coming back for more but also increase your sales BIG TIME !

​So what should you use in your call to action, well I can tell you now most blogs / websites offer newsletters, or updates but nowadays readers want far more than this and although these can be and are still used there are far better ways of getting people to act on your call to action. 

​Readers want to have problems solved whether it's weightloss, playing the guitar, fitness or online marketing your readers are looking for solutions so be sure to give them to them... 

So let's have look at the 5 different calls to action ... ​


This is taken from Bear Grylls Survival Academy and the great thing about this call to action is it only appears when you start to scroll down the page, so its obvious you could be interested in more information. They then solve your problem by offering a quick solution. 


Social Media Examiner does this really well see that it is placed after the author box but before the comments. 

​As you can see they are still offering updates but with the added incentive of a Free Social Media Marketing Industry Report and not only that they edify this by telling you that 370,000 plus people have already signed up for this. 

Also take note of the call to action button and specifically the text they have not used, subscribe they have made it more personalized this is a great way to increase clicks.

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This one will depend on your design layout but safe to say most blogs run a sidebar with menus and recent posts in so utilize this. 

​This is a sidebar two step call to action on a weight loss site called Authority Nutrition they first ask people to raise their hands and say yes I'm interested it that. Let's face it who wouldn't like cookies 🙂

Once you click on the image to get the PDF it opens into another page that then prompts you to take that call to action and grab the recipes. Note also the great use of strong keywords, in the headline even giving you permission to eat these things even if you are losing weight. 


This call to action does have to be very relevant to the post being read by your visitor. The less relevant the less effective it is going to be... 

​But as you can see from this post on the Digital Marketer blog, half way through the post which talks about changing the way they are going to be delivering material through their site, a call to action is placed. This is very relevant as they are speaking about becoming specialist so how fitting they offer you a chance to become a certified marketing specialist... 

Love this type of call to action as very targeted indeed. 


Not everyone's favourite here and works better in some niches than others, best test for your niche and see what results you get. 

Works better than normal pop ups as these can put readers off re visiting again, the exit pop up though works slightly different and only opens when the reader is about to make an action to leave your site. ​

This simple but effective way to give your readers a chance to grab a free gift - Remember a high percentage of visitors will never return to your site -  this encourages them the leave their email address so you can stay in touch with them and drive them back to your site next time you post.

Love the simplicity of this call to action and having the countdown timer can work too as people have no idea what will happen when the counter hits zero. So that fear of loss helps them to make a decision to act on the call to action.

​One last thing before you head of into the distance.... Test and track all your call to actions some will enhance your readers experience others may just put them off visiting again, not all niches are the same. 

Let us know below which calls to action work best for you in the comments below it would be great to hear about what is working in your niche.

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